Generous Support to The Foundation for Delaware County Addresses Chester Housing Needs

Image via Chester Housing Authority.
Family housing at Chatham Estates in Chester.

The Foundation for Delaware County announces that six organizations have committed a total of $102,000 in support of the foundation’s Housing Stability Program.

This program, in its second year, benefits low-income, vulnerable women, children and families in need of affordable housing in the City of Chester.

The Housing Stability Program is a partnership between The Foundation for Delaware County and the Chester Housing Authority.

The project was approved in December 2020 for funding by the PA Department of Economic Development (DCED) as part of the Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credit Program.

Under the project, program participants in the foundation’s Healthy Start and Nurse-Family Partnership programs will receive assistance and support that will allow them to access affordable housing units through Housing Choice vouchers and housing units provided by Chester Housing Authority.

Bryn Mawr Trust (BMT) is the lead contributor of the six organizations, providing $62,000 in funds, followed by WSFS Bank, Keystone First, Park Power each contributing $10,000; Main Line Telecommunications and Meridian Bank also committed $5,000 each.

“The Foundation for Delaware County is thrilled that six organizations have stepped forward this year to contribute to our Housing Stability Program. This project gives many of our clients safe, stable and healthy housing and it would not be possible without the support of our funders,” said Frances Sheehan, president of The Foundation for Delaware County.

By providing education, advocacy, and access, the foundation is setting program participants on a trajectory for well-being and self-sufficiency.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the impact of the social injustice of inadequate housing.

Populations that were already vulnerable are increasingly more so, experiencing housing overcrowding and family violence that make home an unsafe space.

As such, access, information, and support are critical for families to secure permanent housing.

“I’m really grateful for this opportunity,” a program participant recently remarked. “The area I was living in was very dangerous… There were a lot of people around being violent, using drugs and there were many shootings in the area. This new house has brought a lot of joy to my family. I can let my kids run around in the backyard without having my eyes on them and there is less noise in the area. My neighbors are loving and caring – I did not have that at my previous home.”

About The Foundation for Delaware County

A public charity founded in 2016, The Foundation for Delaware County is the largest philanthropy serving Delaware County.

One of 780 community foundations across the U.S., the foundation encourages philanthropy by providing giving opportunities like donor advised funds, gift annuities and estate planning advice to individuals who want to have an impact in Delaware County and beyond,

It also works to address challenging community issues such as the need for a county health department.

The foundation operates the new Center for Nonprofit Excellence and makes grants to strengthen Delaware County’s nonprofit community.

In 2020, the foundation distributed over $2 million in grants, including $750,000 from its Delaware County COVID-19 Response Fund. The foundation continues to raise funds for the Response Fund with a $1 million goal that it has almost reached.

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With headquarters in Media and service sites in Eddystone, Upper Darby and Springfield, The Foundation for Delaware County operates: Healthy Start, the WIC nutrition program and Nurse-Family Partnership.

Other programs include: Drug Free Communities, El Centro (a Hispanic resource center) and a health resource center for students in the Chester Upland School District, which serves one of the region’s poorest communities.

To learn more, visit the foundation on the web at and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @DelcoFdn.