Delaware County Leadership Has Until Jan. 27 to Appeal DELCORA Sale to Aqua PA

David Bjorkgren
Image via Kimberly Paynter, WHYY.
Protesters gather at the DELCORA building in Chester to protest the Authority's deal with Aqua.

It is unclear as yet if Delaware County will give up without a fight concerning the sale of DELCORA to Aqua PA, writes Kenny Cooper for

In late December, Common Pleas Judge Barry Dozer ruled the $276.5 million sale legitimate. 

County Council opposes the sale, but the judge ruled that a legally binding agreement of sale could not be stopped just because the politics of county administrations change.

The deal was struck with a majority Republican county council. The council is now Democratic.

In June, the newer Democratic council tried to stop the deal by dissolving DELCORA and taking control of wastewater operations, voiding the contract with Aqua, and placing the matter in Judge Dozer’s court.

The sale still needs the approval of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. The county has until Jan. 27 to appeal.

“The county will determine in advance of the Jan. 27, 2021, deadline whether to pursue an appeal to Commonwealth Court. Pending that decision, the county continues to press our objections to the transaction before the PUC,” said county Public Relations Director Adrienne Marofsky.

DELCORA administrators maintain the sale to Aqua was due to concern over future rising costs to its 165,000 customers.

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