Delaware County Symphony Offers ‘The Sounds of Strings’ in Its Golden Anniversary Virtual Concerts

David Bjorkgren
Image via Delaware County Symphony.

The Delaware County Symphony continues its Golden Anniversary Season with the second of six virtual “Concerts on Demand” series on YouTube and Facebook.

This two-part program “The Sounds of Strings” features strings in a string chamber orchestra comprised of 10 players (three first violins, three second violins, two violas, and two cellos) and a piano quartet (piano, violin, viola, and cello).

“It was a pleasure working with the Delaware County Symphony string players,” said Nina Vieru, Delaware County Symphony Concertmaster and the music director for this program. “Sitting six feet apart and wearing masks didn’t stop us from having joyful and productive rehearsals. Everybody was happy to be there and ready to do their best.”

The pandemic has created significant challenges for musical organizations, including finding appropriate repertoire for much smaller ensembles or unusual groupings of instruments.

Vieru gave much thought to the selection of pieces for this program, stating, “I wanted to emphasize our wonderful string players. The Mozart Divertimento in F was perfect for that reason: it is bright, full of energy, and definitely emphasizes the beauty of string instruments. I chose Vivaldi’s Concerto Grosso to spotlight our wonderful section principals.”

A final selection for the string chamber orchestra was Eugen Doga’s Waltz “My Sweet and Tender Beast”.

Like Vieru, Doga is Moldovan and this piece is dear to her heart.

“It has a beautiful melody of sorrow and hope. That is exactly how we felt. We missed playing together but at the same time we are hopeful that soon we will be able to meet and make beautiful music once again.”

Click here to see the first part of the concert.

Click here to see the second part.

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