Delaware County Native Creates Free Blockbuster Boxes, Where Neighbors Share Free DVDs

A Free Blockbuster Box across from the Springfield Mall. Image via Jose Moreno, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

You’ve seen the little free library public boxes popping up all over that invite you to take a book.

Now the same thing is happening with DVDs, writes Stefanie Farr for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Former newspaper honor boxes are being converted to Free Blockbuster boxes, an homage to the old Blockbuster video stores.

People can drop off or take a DVD for free.

Brian Morrison, a Delaware County man now living in Los Angeles, created the idea last year.

The first Free Blockbuster box was launched in LA on Feb. 27, 2019.

Today, there are 18 nationwide, including one across from the Springfield Mall placed at Agency by the Mall, an insurance agency owned by Morrison’s mother, Susan Triggiani.

Besides  DVDs, other Blockbuster-themed items have found their way in, including popcorn and video games.

Morrison hopes to “combat the myth of scarcity by providing free entertainment to as many people as possible.”

“Choice paralysis is a real thing, sometimes it’s nice to have a limited selection,” he said. “Some of our boxes have really weird and wonderful movies you won’t find on Netflix. Would you rather trust the algorithm or your neighbors?”

Read more about Free Blockbuster at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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