Robot Deliveries Bill Passes State House Against Wishes of Delaware County Legislator

David Bjorkgren
The state House passed a bill legalizing devices like this FedEx personal delivery device, Roxo. Image via FedEx.

Delaware County State Rep. David Delloso (D-Delaware County) has come out against a bill that sets rules for operating driver-less robotic vehicles on Pennsylvania roads, writes Jan Murphy for

The legislation passed the state House of Representatives 105-97. It goes back to the state Senate to vote on House amendments to the bill.

Democrats, including Delloso, say the bill will eliminate delivery driver jobs and questioned its safety.

Eleven other states allow the devices for same-day or business-to-business deliveries.

Republicans support it as an emerging technology.

The devices make contact-less deliveries possible, a bigger concern now because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“These PDDs are designed to create new jobs, high-tech new jobs – high-tech machine experts, software developers, remote operators,” said House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff (R-Centre County).

But Rep. Robert Freeman (D-Northampton County), described the devices as a “slap in the face to the drivers and the delivery people who have been a lifeline to our communities through the worst months of the pandemic.”

Rep. Jesse Topper ( R-Bedford County) said the bill allows the government to create parameters for the private sector to make sure the devices are designed safely and efficiently.

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