Havertown’s Carl’s Collectibles Tracks 2020 Baseball Cards in Chaos of an Unknown Season


Carl’s Collectibles in Havertown. Image via Media News Group.

The up-in-the-air baseball schedule for 2020 is also wreaking havoc in the baseball collectibles market, writes Jack McCaffery for pottsmerc.com.

“People have asked me if 2020 cards are going to be worth anything because of the season or because of no season, said Carl Henderson of Carl’s Collectibles in Havertown.

Cards are actually tough to get because companies aren’t printing any right now with the pandemic, he said.

“Maybe the 2020 stuff goes through the roof because, if they do end up canceling the season, there becomes a big demand for everything that was out on the market,” he suggested.

Ted Taylor, a lead Philadelphia area sports collector, also thinks it could go either way.

“As time goes on, it may be a very quirky set,” Taylor suggested. “Because how many of them will there be? Nobody knows. It’s always supply and demand. How many are they going to print?”

At the other end, racks of Phillies shirts, worn to the ballpark or autographed, have been untouched since the virus lockdown, reports John Hall, a partner at the Clothes Quarters in Folsom.

Of course, with no 2020 baseball, people may get nostalgic for its products.

Read more about how the pandemic is affecting baseball collectibles here.

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