Delaware County Official Touts Advantage of Mail-In Ballots in a Pandemic Primary


With lingering concerns over the spread of the coronavirus, county officials are encouraging people to vote in the June 2 primary by mail-in ballot.

“We have a ways to go before we’re open. It is not clear that we will be in the green band and able to go out without wearing masks,” said Delaware County Councilwoman Christine Reuther, speaking at an April 24 on line press conference.

So far, the state legislature has shown no indication they will be closing the polls June 2.

She urged anyone who has reservations about visiting a polling place to vote by mail in the Primary.

Mail-in ballots are available to all registered voters thanks to a law passed late last year, and the postage is covered, she said.

For instructions on how to vote by mail-in ballot, visit .

A pandemic Primary has created another problem for Delaware County—a shortage of poll workers.

“A lot of our best workers are senior citizens and are prudently deciding that it’s not a good idea to work on Election Day,” Reuther said.

So she’s putting out a call to anyone who would want to work the polls, with a promise of increased pay this time around.

To find out more about being a poll worker click here.

If interested in becoming a poll worker, email


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