Media Couple Are Waiting to Adopt. A $20,000 Gift From ‘Ellen’ Should Help With That.

Image via "The Ellen DeGenerous Show" YouTube video.

Doug and Nick Roberts of Media let everyone know recently on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” that they were a phone call away from adopting a baby, writes Megan Guza for

The two have been together for four years and married for 2-1/2 years.

Ellen DeGeneres heard about their pending adoption and flew them out to her show in California without revealing the real reason they were there.

Doug is a psychologist. Nick does epilepsy research. They are both huge fans of Kristen Bell, who “coincidentally” was also on the show that day.

For their first surprise, Kristen appeared on stage surrounded by a nursery, with an offer of a lifetime supply of baby goods from her company, Hello Bello.

Next, the couple played their favorite Ellen DeGeneres show game, “Taste Buds.”

They were blindfolded and asked to describe food presented to them. At one point, Nick was presented with a giant $20,000 check, which he tried to describe while blindfolded.

The check, from “Ellen” and Shutterfly, was then presented to the soon-to-be parents.

Doug Roberts wrote on Facebook that his “brain still can’t process” what happened on the show.

Read more about this Media couple’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” experience here.

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