Delaware County Rolls Out New Voting Machines With Backup Paper Ballots, Residents Invited to Take Them for a Test Run

David Bjorkgren
The county's new voting machine, the Hart Verity 2.3.4 system. Image via

As the vote counting issues in the Iowa caucus demonstrate, it’s good to have a paper trail when voters select their candidates.

Delaware County is readying its voters to become used to the idea of a paper ballot as it rolls out new voting machines for the April 28 Primary Election.

The machines will print paper ballots as backups to electronic ballots.

The voting machines will be on display for the public through Friday, Feb. 7, noon to 2 p.m., in the lobby of the Government Center, 201 W. Front Street in Media.

The public is invited to view and test the Hart Verity 2.3.4 system. Trainers will be available to answer questions.

Delaware County Council unanimously voted to purchase the new system in October 2019.

It has been certified by the PA Department of State and meets Gov. Tom Wolf’s mandate for a verifiable paper trail.

In Pennsylvania, every voting system and paper ballot must include plain text that voters can read to verify their choices before casting their ballot.

Election officials will also use the plain text to perform pre-election testing and post-election audits and recounts.

Future demonstrations and trainings will be held around the County to educate residents and train poll workers for the 2020 Primary.

Videos on the Hart Verity 2.3.4 Voting System can be found here.

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