Tractor Trailers Keep Getting Stuck on Rt. 420 Bridge. Local Shop Owners Say It’s Bad for Business.

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Tractor trailers keep getting stuck under a specific bridge on Rt. 420 i Prospect Park, reports Chris O’Connell with

Tractor-trailer drivers are not paying attention to the bridge’s clearance signs. Residents have dubbed it the “crash bridge,”

Bar owner Joe MaGee told FOX 29 tractor-trailers are constantly crashing into the Amtrak overpass on Rt. 420.

On Tuesday, two 18-wheelers got wedged underneath.

Last year, Amtrak installed a steel beam to protect and buffer the bridge from crashes but a truck knocked that down, too. Residents also said the road has major flooding problems.

The crashes are bad for local business because when the road has to be shut down, customers can’t get to their businesses.

“Everybody is fed up with it. The town is fed up with it. It’s dangerous. They just fly down the street and you hear a bang like a building is falling down,” MaGee  said.

The ladies at Ray of Light Salon said the crash of trucks has become a monthly thing. Some are even posting pictures of their own ideas to help warn drivers. Some residents say it’s a matter of time before there are serious injuries.

Read more about the ongoing problem of stuck tractor trailers here.

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