Ellie in Wayne Offers Alternatives in Women’s Fashion to Generation Xers and Above

: Image via Jessica Griffin/Staff Photographer, The Philadelphia Inquirer. Diane Olivia at Ellie Main Line in Wayne.

For those women reaching 50 and surpassing it, there’s Ellie, a women’s wear boutique shop in Wayne’s Eagle Village Shops, writes Elizabeth Wellington for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Diane Oliva, 54, wanted to invest in a business and found Ellie. Oliva couldn’t find a place she liked to shop, and was tired of going into stores and feeling invisible. So she bought the business.

She renamed it Ellie Main Line two years ago, and kept a few of the lines, but she did away with most of the brands. Too dowdy, she said.

“Today’s woman over 50 knows fashion,” Oliva said. “She’s more educated. She has her favorite websites. She knows her bloggers. She comparison-shops.”

Now there’s camouflage print sweaters in unexpected hues like soft pink and cobalt blue, wax-coated high-waist jeans and stretchy ponte pants with racer stripes, just to get you started.

“There is none of this, ‘I can’t wear short skirts because I’m 50’ or no more ‘You can’t wear skinny jeans’ nonsense,” Oliva said. “And we are showing off our arms.”

She does draw the line at ripped jeans and nothing super low. Also, nothing tight and ribbed.

“And everything should be bra-friendly.”

Read more about Ellie Main Line here.

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