Upper Darby Artist Creates Featured Works Thanks to Vision Thru Art Program

Image via Brenda Lange for Chestnut Hill Local.

Rhonda Gray-Upsey, 47, of Upper Darby likes to create functional art.

In 2010 she lost her vision completely for a year due to intercranial hypertension. She regained some vision after surgery but lacks peripheral vision and has limited depth perception.

Nevertheless, thanks to the Vision Thru Art program in Mt. Airy, she and dozens of blind and visually impaired area artists are able to create their art, writes Brenda Lange for the Chestnut Hill Local.

One of Upsey’s favorite projects is a toilet paper holder she made from a tall branch that she wrapped in electrician’s tape. “I call this one ‘Toiletry,’” she said.

Another of her pieces, “End Violence” has been displayed at the Art Museum of Philadelphia.  The piece includes a poem she wrote about peace and coexistence. It features a carved gun with a mounted bullet, a paper-mache hand, a clay person with a blood-red stain on his shirt sprawled on the ground and yellow caution tape.

Vision Thru Art was started in 1988. It is not art therapy, but a working studio for artists to make art. Now, it is in desperate need of donations to stay alive.

Read more about Grey-Upsey and the art program here.

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