Historic Swedish Park in Tinicum Gets $2 Million Renovation

Image via Kevin Tustin Delaware County News Network.

Gov. Printz Park in Tinicum had a grand re-opening recently following renovations that include new gazebos, a performance stage, bocce courts, a splash pad and a replicated Swedish farmstead cabin, writes Kevin Tustin for Delaware County News Network.

Funding for the upgrades came through the 2015 airport expansion deal with Philadelphia, Delaware County and Interboro School District.

The Lenni-Lenape Indians were the first people to inhabit the land. In the mid-1600’s Swedish statesman Johan Björnsson Printz came upon its shores and created a new government seat for the New Sweden Colony.

Swedish Honorary Consul Olf Åkerblom said at the grand opening he appreciated the upgrades.

“I want to say how happy the Swedish government is, and the people of Sweden to see how the Swedish culture is taught in America by local historical societies and celebrated with such enthusiasm as you can see here.”

Image via Kevin Tustin Delaware County News Network. The new splash pad at Gov. Printz Park.  

Åkerblom complimented the bocce court because there is a court for the game right outside the royal palace in Stockholm.

Tinicum Board of Commissioners Vice President Pat Barr said the township is looking to bring over original log cabins from New Jersey to be placed permanently at Gov. Printz Park.

Image via Kevin Tustin Delaware County News Network. Swedish Honorary Consul Olf Åkerblom spoke at the grand re-opening of Gov. Printz Park in Tinicum. 

Read more about the park upgrades here.

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