From Upper Darby, She Was at Stonewall Inn the Night of the Uprising 50 Years Ago

Image via KYW newsradio.

The Stonewall uprising is a source of inspiration for the modern transgender right movement. Some accounts of the riots say that trans women led the resistance against police.

For a long time their stories weren’t well known, but that’s beginning to change, writes Tim McLaughlin for KYW Newsradio.

Nance Lomax grew up in Upper Darby. She says she was just 16 when she started going to the Stonewall Inn.

And she says she was there the night of the raid, “I heard something like pots and pans being scrambled all around, so I went through the door. Cops were coming in, and they looked at me and they said, ‘Get the hell outta here!'” she says. “And I did. And I went to the phone booth and called my mom for a ticket.”

Stories like hers have become part of the Stonewall legend. It was barely covered in the news at the time, and there’s not much of a historical record beyond memory and word of mouth.

For Nance Lomax, Stonewall is personal and a source of confidence.

“I think a lot of pride came from Stonewall. It did for me. It meant everything.”

Read more about the Stonewall uprising here.

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