Visual Note-Taking: Your Meetings are Art


By Alexandria Proko

In college, when note-taking became encouraged, I found myself filling pages of notes which were often accompanied by doodles, such as arrows or bold words. On occasion, a flower with lopsided petals made its way onto the pages of my notebook.

I retained the lecture information much better when I did, and though I had no explanation for it, noticed the connection. Later, I found a study by TIME which showed evidence of doodling and its connection to improving concentration.

Imagine my excitement when I discovered a new meeting trend, visual note-taking. Consider it a bullet journal for the office.

Graphic note-taking is being used by large and small corporations and organizations around the country, and for good reason.

Not only does the new trend help its attendees to retain and process the information that is being put out, but it serves a unique purpose afterward.

Companies can incorporate this trend into their everyday sessions. Simply allow attendees to see the visual-notes as you’re creating them, and then make copies to distribute later in the day for reference.

For organizations that have various teams, have each work on their own visual note during breakout sessions and then display all of the notes in one space for viewing and expanded discussion.

On a larger scale, some companies have opted to display key takeaways from conferences and annual events. Some, have even used the art in the design of their events on promotional materials and stage backdrops.

No matter the size of your company, or the method with which you opt to incorporate this visual meeting and event trend, it’s worth considering to shake up the normal routine.

Alexandria Proko is the founder and creative director of Alexandria Catherine Events, a Chester County special events planning company. Her work is driven by a passion for ceremony, tradition and creating memories. She has been featured and has received accolades from Brides, the Philly A-List, The Big Fake Wedding, WeddingWire, etc. Allie can be reached via email at

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