Uber, Lyft Driver from Glen Mills Challenges Passengers to Carpool Karaoke

Image via the Wilmington News Journal.

Eddie Doyle, an Uber and Lyft driver from Glen Mills, makes rides for his passengers more interesting by challenging them to carpool karaoke, writes Mónica Marie Zorrilla for the Wilmington News Journal.

“I have a YouTube channel,” he tells his passengers. “I’m doing a carpool karaoke kind of deal. Want to give it a try?”

However, there is a twist. He only plays the instrumental version of songs.

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Doyle started driving for ride-share companies three years ago as a way to pay bills while he tries to make it as a novelist. He quickly realized his side job was a great resource for story material. So he decided to install dashboard cameras in his vehicle and start “The Driver Ed Show.”

His most popular video so far was his coverage of fan reaction ahead of Super Bowl LII. After interest in that died down, he began looking for new ways to one-up his storytelling and landed on music.

Read more about carpool karaoke in the Wilmington News Journal by clicking here.

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