Resumes of the Future Will Help Companies Find Ideal Employees


Today’s resumes are giving potential employers a picture of a job seeker’s experiences and credentials, but they offer frustratingly little about an applicant’s personality, character, and soft skills, writes Oliver Staley for Quartz at Work.

“Resumes are terrible,” said Laszlo Bock, the former head of human resources at Google. “It doesn’t capture the whole person. At best, they tell you what someone has done in the past and not what they’re capable of in the future.”

The resume of the future may change this. In fact, it may not even be a resume, but a digital dossier uploaded to a global job-pairing engine. This sorts job seekers against millions of openings to find the perfect match.

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Advances in technology are already allowing companies to seek out prospects not actively looking for a job. They use algorithms that scour social media profiles to match users with jobs, then proactively invite people to apply.

“We are moving to a place where the job seeker is seeking a job, but where a job is also seeking the job seeker,” said Steve Goodman, CEO of Restless Bandit.

Read more about resumes of the future from Quartz at Work here.

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