Airport’s Surrounding Area to Receive Major Upgrades

Rendering via Billy Penn.

Following major upgrades to its interior, including the $900 million redesign of Terminal B, Philadelphia International Airport is now planning to revamp its surroundings, writes Michaela Winberg for Billy Penn.

Four landscape design teams presented their concepts last week at the Philadelphia Flower Show. The presentations covered both the land directly outside the airport and along I-95 leading to the terminals.

“The airport has done a lot of great things internally to make the experience great for passengers,” said Tammy Leigh DeMent, associate director of project development at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. “We want to take that experience and pull it outside.”

The airport has already pledged $5 million for the project, according to Leah Douglas, director of image and chief curator, and will look for more sponsors after the winning design is chosen.

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More than 200 designers responded to the initial call for submissions. PHS slowly narrowed this down to four teams who presented their ideas at the Flower Show.

The winning design will be chosen by an advisory council. Philadelphians also had a say by voting for their favorite design at the show.

The winner will be announced in April.

Read more about the planned upgrades at Billy Penn by clicking here.

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