Swarthmore College Aims to Increase Community’s Engagement with Scott Arboretum


Swarthmore College is trying to increase the community’s engagement with Scott Arboretum, through the help of community outreach coordinator Sue McQueen, writes Willa Glickman for The Phoenix, Swarthmore College’s independent newspaper.

The Arboretum, established in 1929, has flourished over the decades. In 1995, it was accredited by the American Association of Museums, an honor given to less than 750 of the 8,500 museums nationwide.

Recently, the Arboretum has intensified its efforts to change the perception that it is separate from Swarthmore’s intellectual mission. The position of community outreach coordinator was created last year as part of the plan to increase engagement.

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“My job at this point is to connect everybody on campus – the students, the faculty, the staff – and help them find ways to get outside and connect with nature,” said McQueen.

“Pretty much every discipline you can imagine has a connection to nature, so I figure out how to promote that. What a great teaching tool we have here.”

Read more about Swarthmore College’s Scott Arboretum in The Phoenix by clicking here.

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