Neumann Grad Implores Colleges to Support DACA Recipients, Undocumented Students

Image of Maria Sotomayor via AL DÍA NEWS Media.

Maria Sotomayor, a Neumann University graduate who grew up in Delaware County, is among local activists calling on higher-education institutions to support DACA and other undocumented students, writes Emily Neil for AL DÍA NEWS Media.

“I think that this is the time for education institutions to really stand with immigrant communities,” said Sotomayor, deputy director for the Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition.

Along with her colleagues at PICC, Sotomayor has put together an Education Access Toolkit for Undocumented Students to help them navigate the college application process.

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According to a 2014 Migrant Policy Institute report, an estimated 241,000 college students nationwide are DACA recipients. Now, with DACA potentially ending on March 5, the uncertainty is forcing DACA students to decide whether it is worth spending the time and money on a degree they “might not be able to use,” said Sotomayor.

She said that colleges and universities play a key role when it comes to providing legal, financial, and emotional support to undocumented students.

She said this is why PICC is focusing on calls for schools to make their public admission policies clearer, create financial aid options for undocumented students, and build relationships with other immigrant advocacy organizations.

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