PennDOT Increases Payments to Delco Municipalities to Help Plow Snow from State Roads

Image via Michaelle Bond, Philadelphia Inquirer.

PennDOT has intensified its fight against ice and snow by giving handsome raises to municipalities in Delaware County and nearby regions to help clear state roads in their boundaries, writes Michaelle Bond for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

PennDOT is providing a modest local tax break by raising subsidies up to 34 percent for 94 municipalities in the area.

“We upped our rates to make participation attractive to them.” said John Krafczyk, assistant district executive for maintenance at PennDOT.

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Over the last decade, PennDOT has paid $45.5 million to municipalities participating in road clearing in the five-county region. The state agency used to pay $883 per lane mile. Now, it’s paying between $1,023 and $1,183 per lane mile to municipalities depending on the highway type.

However, not all municipalities plow their own snow, as some find the payments too low or they do not have the right equipment.

Aldan Borough found the participation in the program impractical, so it decided to leave it.

But “it’s nice to know the state is maintaining four major roads in town,” said John White, borough manager. “They do such a better job.”

Read more about the snow clearing in the Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.

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