Stormwater Authority of Chester to Start Charging Property Owners


Property owners in Chester will soon have to pay a fee to the city’s newest authority, the Stormwater Authority of Chester, writes Rick Kauffman for the Delaware County News Network.

The fee will come into effect in December, and will be based on size, meaning that larger business and residences will have to pay more for the space they occupy.

The aim of the new body is to establish long-term, private-public partnerships that combine state and federal grants with the fees assessed on property owners to help establish a new stormwater infrastructure.

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The charge will be assessed using the measurement of Equivalent Residential Unit, which is an average single-family property that covers 1,139 square feet. The cost per ERU will be $15.60.

The fee was determined during a meeting held last month by the SAC, when plans to mitigate the continuous problem of stormwater runoff and pollution were discussed.

“According to the Chester City Government, stormwater runoff and its pollution have degraded over 55 percent of the streams within Chester City, causing widespread flooding and water quality problems,” said Rev. Dr. Horace Strand, SAC’s Executive Manager.

Read more about the new fee at Delaware County News Network by clicking here.

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