Cabrini University Creating Environment to Better Serve Latino Students

Image of Cabrini University President Donald Taylor via Samantha Laub, AL DÍA News.

During the first AL DÍA News forum on Latino achievement in post-secondary education, Donald Taylor, the President of Cabrini University, spoke about the efforts his institution has made to better serve Latino students, writes John McGuire for AL DÍA News.

“Advancing Latino Success in Higher Education: What We Know and What We Can Do” brought to light the many issues Latino students face in higher education, particularly that the pipeline from urban school districts to colleges and universities is broken.

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Taylor said that, to overcome this, the educational institutions had to implement a vision to ensure Latino students could succeed. He said that Cabrini has managed to double its diversity over the last five years.

The university previously had a Hispanic population of just two percent, but it has since grown to 17 percent.

“It has to be ongoing professional development,” said Taylor. “Every single year, every single semester because you’re bringing new people into your organization all the time.”

Read more about the forum in AL DÍA News by clicking here.

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