Brookhaven Couple Proves It’s Never Too Late for Love


Images of Vera Burlew and Peter Hosler via Kathleen Carey, Daily Times.

Proving it’s never too late for love, Vera Burlew, 90, and Peter Hosler, 91, tied the knot last month in Brookhaven, writes Kathleen Carey for the Daily Times.

The young-at-heart couple met at the Brookhaven chapter of the American Association of Retired People. Two years ago, the former Sunoco engineer took the former office manager to see a performance of The Music Man, and their theater trips soon became a regular occurrence.

In August, the couple went to the Candlelight Theatre in Delaware, where Hosler proposed. Both of the newlyweds have previously been married, but their spouses had passed away.

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For the wedding, Hosler’s five children and six grandchildren flew in from around the world and Burlew’s three children, eight grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren were also all there.

“When I see the way Peter looks at Vera, it’s like any 25-year-old looking at his bride,” said the Rev. Julia Singleton, pastor of Christ United Methodist, where the wedding took place.

The happy couple will be heading out for their honeymoon in January.

“It’s wonderful,” said Burlew. “I just never thought it would happen again, so you never say never.”

Read more about the happy couple in the Daily Times by clicking here.

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