Monroe Energy Refinery in Trainer Urges EPA to Reform Biofuels Credit Program

The Monroe Energy refinery in Trainer.

The Monroe Energy refinery in Trainer is one of three Philadelphia-area refineries urging the EPA to reform the biofuels credit program, writes Jon Hurdle for StateImpact Pennsylvania.

Workers and managers from the refinery rallied at the Delaware City Refinery earlier this month to protest the credit program that is now threatening jobs.

The program requires refineries such as those in Trainer to buy high-cost RINs, the credit designed under the EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard, to boost the use of biofuels.

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The prices of RINs have gone up drastically in recent years. Between 2012 and 2013, their price jumped from around five cents to $1.45, and they currently cost around 88 cents each.

To offset this, Monroe Energy is cooperating with Philadelphia Energy Solutions and the Delaware City Refinery to try to get relief from the EPA to help with the extra cost of the credits.

“The government needs to do something to get a handle on the uncontrollable cost of credits needed to comply with the Renewable Fuel Standard,” said Brendan Williams, director of government relations for Delaware City Refinery owner PBF.

Read more about the issue at StateImpact Pennsylvania by clicking here.

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