Playground’s Opening Heralds New Era of Fun, Safety in Chester

Chester is looking forward to a new era of fun and safety with the grand opening of a new family park and playground at Eighth and Lloyd streets. Image via Rick Kauffman, Digital First Media.

The thrill of a safe new place to play pumped through the veins of both neighborhood kids and adults in Chester as they tried out the swings and other equipment for the first time.

The city celebrated the grand opening of its newest family park and playground last week at Eighth and Lloyd streets, according to a Daily Times report by Rick Kauffman.

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“It’s about our children. They need to have a safe place to play. They need to be able to get exercise, and they need to be taken care of by everyone in the city,” said Chester Councilwoman Elizabeth Williams. “They are my responsibility, and they’re the city’s responsibility.”

Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland echoed that theme of responsibility.

“You see a lot of parents down here right now, and that’s what we want to continue,” he said. “We don’t want them just sending their kids down to the park. Parents, go down and play with your kids, and then the kids realize that this is not ‘my’ playground — it’s somebody else’s playground as well. This is our playground as a community and a family.”

Read more about the new Chester playground in the Daily Times here.

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