Pennsylvania Sends Summer Lovin’ to Puerto Rico


Beyond the nearby faves, Pennsylvanians’ top international summer getaway is Puerto Rico, pictured above, followed by Canada, Ireland, the Dominican Republic, and Liberia.

Beyond the usual summer hot spots like the Jersey Shore, Pennsylvanians have an unusual affinity toward a handful of destinations that are both tropical and far from it.

Above all, Pennsylvanians who leave the country for a summer getaway are most likely to head to Puerto Rico, according to data on summertime Facebook check-ins cited in a report for The New York Times by Stuart Thompson and Jessia Ma.

And we’re not the only ones. Puerto Rico is a shared top spot with the people of Connecticut, North Carolina, and Florida.

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“Viewed together, the distinct destinations reveal the hidden patchwork of global travel that can be found only in a country as big and diverse as the United States,” the article explained.

The destinations were surprisingly diverse even within the state of Pennsylvania, as the top five check-in hot spots spanned three different continents.

After Puerto Rico, local travelers are commonly found populating North American neighbor Canada, Europe’s Ireland, another Caribbean locale in the Dominican Republic, and Africa’s Liberia.

Some of the trends have strong correlations to immigrant populations in each state, the report noted.

Read more about summertime hot spots in The New York Times here.

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Top photo credit: Prayitno / view San Juan ~ Puerto Rico via photopin (license)

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