New Street Lamps, Brighter Lights to Illuminate Upper Darby

Image of Upper Darby Township Electrical Division Director Joseph Martin with the new Colonial-style street lights via the News of Delaware County.

Upper Darby will shine brighter after the $3.9 million plan to upgrade its 4,600 streetlights to LED lighting is implemented, writes Linda Reilly for the News of Delaware County.

Mayor Thomas Micozzie recently revealed the two-month plan that is being financed through a bond issue.

“A comprehensive audit and illumination study was undertaken to assess the light output of every street light that will be replaced with a LED light,” he said.

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Micozzie said that, while the light output will remain, LED provides a cleaner light. He added that the improvement will benefit the community by making the township safer, more secure, and providing a better visual to see at night.

Colonial design post tops will also replace some of the old street lamps as they are fitted with the LED bulbs.

“The lighting will pay for itself,” said Council President Donald Bonnett. “The bulbs last for 100,000 hours.”

Read more about Upper Darby’s new lighting in the News of Delaware County by clicking here.

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