Pennsylvania’s Most Misspelled Word Is …

In honor of last week’s National Spelling Bee, Google collected the words people most often search “how to spell” for, and Pennsylvania’s was “sauerkraut.”

When it comes to food, Pennsylvanians feel the need to get it right.

At least that’s how Google saw it early this year when the most popular “how to spell” search in the state came up as “sauerkraut.”

Google Trends dubbed “sauerkraut” and dozens of other hard-to-spell words as America’s Most Misspelled Words in honor of last week’s National Spelling Bee, according to a report in The Washington Post by Travis Andrews.

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Besides “sauerkraut,” only New Mexico had another food-related query — “bananas” — though Virginians struggled to spell “delicious.”

The most common “how to spell” search on Google was “beautiful,” which topped the list in five states, and four others needed help with “pneumonia.”

Read more insight on which words Americans have difficulty spelling correctly – including “tomorrow,” “hallelujah,” and “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” – in The Washington Post here.

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