Haverford Man Challenging Sen. Bob Casey: ‘I Want to Run a Campaign of Ideas’

Haverford’s Paul Addis brings his career as an energy executive and a skepticism of today’s GOP to the race for U.S. Senate.

He’s seeking the Republican endorsement to challenge incumbent Democrat U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, but he didn’t support President Donald Trump and he’s a critic of today’s GOP.

Paul Addis of Haverford joined the Republican race for Casey’s Senate seat last week, according to a report in The Allentown Morning Call by Laura Olson.

“I want to run a campaign of ideas,” Addis said. “People get elected on very limited substance, and then they’re now part of the existing body and it’s all about getting re-elected. The ideas get forgotten.”

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The 63-year-old Delaware County man brings a career in energy management to the race and is touring the state to gather feedback from voters.

Among his ideas are “a national high-risk pool that would deal with the worst illnesses but provide only basic, catastrophic coverage,” the article noted.

“I’ll run hard,” Addis said, “and at a minimum, people will know what I have to say.”

Read more about Paul Addis and his ideas in The Allentown Morning Call here.

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