Greater Philly Area Welcomes Record Number of Tourists

Last year, the Greater Philadelphia area welcomed a record 42 million tourists, many of whom undoubtedly visited the Reading Terminal Market, above.

The Greater Philadelphia area enjoyed an outstanding tourist season last year with an unprecedented 42 million people visiting the region, according to a staff report from Philly Purge.

This record number of visitors spent $6.8 billion on hotel rooms, meals, and drinks, helping to support more than 96,000 jobs in the area. The tourist boom has also prompted new developments across the city with eight new hotels set to open by next year.

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A lot of this renewed interest is due to Philadelphia’s recent marketing efforts. Officials have been actively promoting the city through social and mainstream media, including USA Today and Vogue.

However, Meryl Levitz, CEO of Visit Philadelphia, thinks it is also due to the city’s parks, artistic talent, and historic sites.

“Philadelphia is a place where people want to start a restaurant, open a new hotel, come for an overnight visit, and return again and again,” she said.

Read more about last year’s tourist season at Philly Purge by clicking here.


Top photo credit: PMillera4 Reading Terminal Market via photopin (license)

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