New York Times: Opinions on Comey Firing Swirl Like a Tornado Around Media Courthouse

An overhyped distraction? A cover-up? An overdue inevitability? A partisan mess? Local thoughts abound on President Trump’s firing of James Comey. Augie Pantellas, shown here at his food cart, claimed that the FBI director had to go. Image via Hilary Swift, New York Times.

From an overhyped distraction to a concerning cover-up and a long overdue action to a partisan mess, opinions of President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey are swirling like a tornado around the Media courthouse.

Republican-controlled-but-blue-trending Delaware County is fertile ground for the diversity of opinion among Trump voters, according to a sampling of views reported in The New York Times by Trip Gabriel.

The article found that “roughly as many championed the president’s dismissal of Mr. Comey as were troubled by it.”

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Even among those who agreed with the decision, some believed Comey’s departure was due for months, stemming from the lack of criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, while others dismissed it as hypocritical grandstanding by Democrats.

“Chuck Schumer five months ago was basically calling for Comey’s ouster,” said accountant Michael J. O’Doherty.

Others highlighted similarities between Trump and Richard Nixon or questioned whether it pointed to suppression of the investigation into Trump ties with Russia.

“If it’s found true that President Trump is covering up, then I think he should be impeached,” said maintenance man Ralph Neary.

Read more of the local thoughts on Trump’s firing of Comey in The New York Times here.

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