Delaware County Council’s Unique Meeting Place Serves as Civics Lesson for Students


Image of Haverford High School via Wikipedia.

Local government just got a whole lot more accessible in the eyes of Haverford High School students after Delaware County Council conducted its latest meeting right in the school auditorium.

“If you’re interested in going into government, you just need to know how to talk to people,” said Rylee Mauger in a Daily Times report by Kathleen Carey.

The council’s unique meeting place helped serve as a civics lesson for the students.

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“It’s our way to connect, and it’s our way to allow you to see how your government works here in Delaware County,” said Vice Chairman Colleen Morrone.

Among its 22 items of business, the council congratulated Haverford’s varsity cheerleading and Hi-Q teams for standout performances in nationwide championships.

“It was a tremendous event for the students and the staff to see how local government works and the positivity that local government brings in an unsettling political era,” said Haverford High School Principal Pete Donaghy. “It was very beneficial for students to see how meetings are organized and run, and it brings relevancy to their social studies classes.”

Read more about the special council meeting in the Daily Times here.

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