Redesign of Media Home Focuses on Family

Image of Donald and Jackie Gusic via Ed Hille, Philadelphia Inquirer.

A couple’s newly-bought house, a home business, and growing athletes converged near Media to create a uniquely stylish and functional home for four.

“Everything I designed was with the idea of how our family would use it,” said architect Jackie Gusic in a Philadelphia Inquirer report by Diane Fiske. “We created a house that is perfect for us.”

The Gusics’ redesign focused on a 400-square-foot addition with two stories that provided an in-home office for Jackie’s inHabit firm, as well as an enlarged living room. Jackie and civil engineer husband Donald converted a fireplace to wood-burning, added a bay window, brought in a marble-topped kitchen counter, and put in a pantry with floor-to-ceiling shelves.

To accommodate their two children and the sports teams the couple coaches, the redesign features a 20-seat white oak slab table for entertaining youth.

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