Head of Test-Prep Company in St. Davids Hands Reins to Next Generation

Photo of Avery Snyder with daughters Alexandra McIlvaine, left, and Julia Taunay, courtesy of Ed Hille, Philadelphia Inquirer.

logo2After having taken every SAT test since 1969, Avery Snyder of St. Davids-based Educational Services has decided that the time has come to hand over the reins of his company to the next generation, writes Diane Mastrull for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Villanova native started the company after he noticed something strange while working as a math and English teacher.

“The SAT scores did not match up with the students,” he said. “I realized the students I thought were calm and relaxed were just falling apart” when they sat down to take the exam.

This gave him the idea to start a business that would help students, through one-on-one instruction, improve their performance and deal with test-taking anxiety. Now, it is up to the next generation, as Snyder has decided to hand over the reins to Julia Taunay, one of his three daughters.

Taunay majored in business and French at Penn State, and worked as a retail manager at Dick’s Sporting Goods before joining her father’s company two years ago.

She is currently the Director of Sales and Operations at the company that teaches between 500 and 700 students each year in individualized sessions.

Read more about the future of Educational Services in the Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.

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