Aston Township Opens Its Doors to Medical Marijuana Growers


One Delaware County township is not shying away from welcoming medical marijuana growers within its borders, writes Laura Benshoff for NewsWorks.

Aston Township is getting a jump on regulations for the new industry by voting unanimously to pass ordinance, giving a green light to medical marijuana growers with several conditions. These include where they can grow the plant, what distance it has to be from schools, and numerous other regulations and specifics.

“The ordinance is about three or four pages long,” said township commission president Jim Stigale.

The new zoning law expands on the restrictions applying to medical marijuana growers that are already called for in Act 16, the recently adopted Pennsylvania law to create and regulate the industry.

It is expected that the medical marijuana industry in Pennsylvania will be in full swing sometime next year, according to state Secretary of Health Karen Murphy.

Read more about the decision from NewsWorks by clicking here.


Top photo credit: Cannabis Culture via photopin (license)

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