Independent Report Ranks Pennsylvania Near Worst for Election Integrity

Pennsylvania's Seventh Congressional District, which cuts through five counties, is considered the poster child for gerrymandering. Map courtesy of Keystone Crossroads.

A recent joint report from Harvard and Sydney universities has ranked Pennsylvania as one of the worst states in the nation for electoral integrity, writes Katie Meyer from Newsworks.

The Electoral Integrity Project, researched jointly by the two well-respected institutions, ranks states based on 12 criteria, including electoral laws, media coverage, campaign finance, and procedures.

Overall, for most of the criteria, Pennsylvania scored well, including the key area of actual vote counting. Where it fell short was in gerrymandering, which is the redrawing of district lines in order to favor one particular party, in Pennsylvania’s case, Republican.

But this particular issue is not specific to just this state. Both Wisconsin and North Carolina fared even worse in this category. However, the report also concludes that President Trump’s election cannot necessarily be attributed to any malpractice on behalf of any state.

Read more about the electoral integrity report at Newsworks by clicking here.

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