Conservation Officer Keeping Man and Beast Legal in Delco

Photo of Jerry Czech courtesy of Clem Murray, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Delaware County is far from the wild outdoors typical of other parts of Pennsylvania, but the relationship between man and beast still runs afoul every day.

To combat that, Delaware County has temporarily brought in Philadelphia Conservation Officer Jerrold Czech Jr. to keep the peace, according to a Philadelphia Inquirer report by Daniel Rubin.

A day in the life of this conservation officer involves:

  • a fishing license violation in Brookhaven
  • an illegally caged, baby Canada goose in Chester
  • a few minutes on the witness stand at the municipal court in Springfield Township, testifying against a Glen Mills man accused of using others’ Social Security numbers on his hunting license renewal application
  • checking on a local farmer with permission to shoot deer who are eating his crops outside of hunting season

“As the city’s sole wildlife conservation officer, Czech has the job of keeping animals from hurting people and vice versa,” the article stated.

Read more about being a conservation officer and Czech’s most memorable busts in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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