Wayne’s Teleflex Launches Second-Generation Surgical System

A new surgical system for laparorscopic surgery
Teleflex's second-generation Percuvance Percutaneous Surgical System.

Wayne’s Teleflex has announced that it has launched a second-generation surgical system to make laparoscopic procedures even less invasive, writes John George for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Laparoscopic surgery allows medical instruments, along with a camera and light source, to be inserted through three small incisions in the abdomen. The surgeon is then able to manipulate the instruments using specialized handles while performing the surgery.

The new system features additional, interchangeable five-millimeter tool tips with a special quick-connect system. This allows surgeons to perform the same work with fewer incisions, resulting in significantly less trauma for the patient.

“We are encouraged by surgeons’ response to our percutaneous surgical devices, and are optimistic the new system will become a new standard of care in laparoscopic surgery,” said John Tushar, President and General Manager of Teleflex Surgical.

The new system, called the Percuvance Percutaneous Surgical System is already in use at the Duke University Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery. Dr Dana D. Portenier and her team at the center collaborated with Teleflex in developing the system.

“Our experiences with the new system are consistent with other clinical studies, which showed that its handling and functionality were similar to standard five-millimeter laparoscopic instrumentation,” said Portenier.

Read more about the new system in the Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.

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