Widener Journalism Students Win Gold for Chester Magazine at 2016 CUPPIE Awards

Award-winning Widner journalism students.

Chester magazine, the online and print publication produced by Widener students about the city, has won gold at the 2016 CUPPIE Awards, writes Louis Bolling for The Philadelphia Tribune.

Chester magazine took home the prize in the Wild Card category of the CUPPIE Awards, which are presented by the College and University Public Relations and Associated Professionals.

The magazine was created thanks to a $1,000 Schmutz Student Engagement Mini Grant awarded to Sam Starnes, the magazine’s editor and university faculty member, and five of his students.

Chester native Khalil Williams, together with other motivated students, proudly planned, reported, wrote, edited, and illustrated the publication that recently released its second issue. This expands on the revitalization initiatives that were covered in the first edition and highlights new engagement efforts based on arts in the city.

Khalil “did an exceptional job, and was very enthusiastic about the project,” said Starnes. “It was great to have a native and lifelong resident of Chester on the project. I was particularly happy that he built on his work with the magazine to land an internship at the Philadelphia Inquirer.”

Read more about Chester magazine in The Philadelphia Tribune by clicking here.

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