CPR That Saved Radnor Policeman Is Now Hitting the Streets

A mobile CPR van outside the Philadelphia Art Museum.

He had just finished a workout at the gym when his heart suddenly seized up and he fell to the ground. The Radnor Township police officer would lie there for almost eight minutes without a heartbeat.

Fortunately, occupational therapy student Amanda Beal from Springfield provided CPR to Anthony Radico and saved his life, according to a PhillyVoice report by Michael Tanenbaum.

Now Penn Medicine, Independence Blue Cross, and the City of Philadelphia are revving up a van to take their new Mobile CPR Project to the streets and offer CPR training wherever 10 or more people are gathered. The goal: Replicate the Radnor story and save more of the 1,000 Philly-area lives that succumb to cardiac arrest each year.

“Our No. 1 goal is to train you how to recognize a cardiac arrest and to learn CPR,” the Mobile CPR Project asserted in the article. “Learning CPR can keep you and your family safe. Most of the time when someone experiences a cardiac arrest, it is in their home. If your family member experiences a cardiac arrest, the best thing you can do is perform CPR; it can save their life!”

Read more about the life-saving effort in Radnor and the Mobile CPR Project on PhillyVoice by clicking here.

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