Swarthmore and Haverford Among Nation’s Top 10 Liberal Arts Schools for Value


Haverford College

For students searching for a liberal arts school that provides excellent quality and value for money, Swarthmore and Haverford are among the Top 10 colleges to consider, writes Kevin Walker for the U.S. News University Directory.

Liberal arts degrees have been in the news recently, as research has shown they are very important in educating future leaders and innovators. Despite this, several governors and even the presumptive Republican presidential nominee have come out against government aid for liberal arts degrees.

According to a U.S. News & World Report, the two Delaware County liberal arts schools are in the Top 10 nationwide that offer students a first-class education them without running up a huge amount of debt.

Haverford College, which currently has 1,194 undergraduate students, came in ninth as 48.6 percent of its students receive need-based grants, bringing the average annual cost after receiving grants to $21,810.

Swarthmore College came in one spot above its neighbor in eighth, as out of the 1,542 undergraduate students currently enrolled, 50.8 percent receive need-based grants. After receiving grants, the average annual cost is $22,136.

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