Co-CEOs Transform Chester’s Power Home Remodeling into Forward-Thinking Enterprise


Asher Raphael and Corey Schiller – ages 36 and 34, respectively – have created an innovative culture as the co-CEOs of Power Home Remodeling and transformed the Chester-based company into a millennial-friendly enterprise, according to a feature in Philadelphia Magazine.

The result has been massive growth and increased profits for the 24-year-old company.

Raphael and Schiller’s philosophy is brought to life through office-wide blueprints that inform the company’s trajectory and its employees’ successes. At Power, every employee receives a blueprint, which illustrates personalized, clear-cut paths to achieve personal development and upward mobility.

Thanks to Power’s unique approach to job training, leadership, and mentoring, that path is atypical when compared to traditional corporate ascension.

As part of each employee’s blueprint, he or she is encouraged – and, at times, required – to try different positions at the company through cross-department training.

“If somebody likes having tangible work, then the operational side is a good place for them to end up,” said Raphael. “But we still suggest that [he or she] spend a year in marketing, [or] a year in sales.”

Though the process fosters camaraderie and encourages problem-solving among team members, Raphael admits it isn’t easy. However, that type of will to learn pays off – 98 percent of senior management started at Power as entry-level staff members.

Over time, those blueprints, which can evolve and be altered, help employees conquer challenges and excel within the company. Along the way, however, employees are urged to utilize a variety of resources and tools: on-site and off-site workshops, personal mentors tasked with helping employees achieve their professional goals, leadership conferences, and one-on-one meetings with senior leadership, who also make a point to have an open door policy.

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