Jim’s Steaks in Springfield Fights in Court for Its Identity


The Delco Jim’s Steaks in Springfield,
image via Google Maps.
A legal battle is underway between Jim's Steaks in Springfield and Jim's West in West Philadelphia.

Jim’s Steaks in Springfield is in a legal battle with Jim’s West, a West Philly cheesesteak shop that opened last Labor Day.

The two owners are disputing the use of the name “Jim’s.” writes Victor Fiorillo for Philadelphia Magazine.

The original Jim’s Steaks operated from 1939 to 2019. Jim’s West opened at the same 62nd Street spot.  

“I grew up here. I ate these steaks all the time. And I’m going to bring all of that action back to the neighborhood,” said owner Cotez Johnson.

But Carl Proetto, owner of Springfield Jim’s Steaks, is the son of the late Bill Proetto, who owned the West Philadelphia Jim’s Steaks for decades.

A judge dismissed an emergency injunction to keep Johnson from using the name “Jim’s” but was concerned that two legal documents for the property were in dispute.

A deed clause forbids anyone using the name “Jim’s” at the West Philadelphia location. But a second legal agreement between the Proetto brothers and Jim’s West LLC only bans the use of the name “Jim’s Steaks.”

Proetto is suing Johnson, declaring him in breach of contract, capitalizing on the “Jim’s” name.  

Johnson is countersuing Proetto, claiming he has been defamed and slandered.

It’s all scheduled for trial in September.

Learn the particulars in this legal cheesesteak shop battle at Philadelphia Magazine.

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