Hot Dog Stand Fans Rejoice. Relish Has Come to Ridley Park

Meet Jamie Campbell, a Ridley native and owner of the new hot dog operation Relish
Image via Pet Bannan, Daily Times
Meet Jamie Campbell, a Ridley native and owner of the new hot dog operation Relish

Missing your hot dog fix at the Hot Dog Stand in Milmont Park? Now you can belly up to the counter once again at 401 MacDade Blvd. with the opening of Relish, writes Pete Bannan for the Daily Times.

The eatery features Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, along with fresh homemade relish offered in green sweet dill, hot pepper, and New York red onion.

You’ll find traditional dogs, chili dogs, Texas Tommys, and a local creation, “The Ridley Ripper,” a deep-fried hot dog with melted American cheese or Cheese Whiz.

A Relish hot dog Image via Pete Bannan, Daily Times

The hot dogs are complimented by rolls from the award-winning Carangi Baking in South Philly.

There’s also burgers, kielbasa, sausage, roast pork, breakfast sandwiches, chicken tenders, French fries, onion rings, milkshakes, and desserts like New Orleans-influenced beigets.

“We don’t want just basic stuff. We want top-notch,” said Relish spokesperson Walt Thompson.

The business is owned by Ridley native Jamie Campbell., a former boxer and police officer.

Barry McNamara, who has known Campbell since Ridley High School in the ‘90s, said Campbell has always been into cooking.  

“He makes the best ricotta cookies,” McNamara said.

A formal grand opening of Relish is planned in early May.

Read more about Relish opening in Milmont Park in the Daily Times.

See how Nathan’s in New York makes its hot dogs.

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