High Prices by PA Liquor Control Board Puts Pennsylvanians in Low Spirits

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Shoppers at state-owned wine and liquor stores were met with an unwelcome sight earlier this month: as Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board increased prices on more than 3,500 products by around four percent, according to a staff report from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The agency went through with the increase despite receiving some pushback, including from the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. The representative of distilled spirits producers said PLCB did not give spirits suppliers enough notice about the increase in prices.

“Ten days is not nearly enough time for spirits producers to plan for and adjust to price increases,” said Andy Deloney, senior vice president and head of State Public Policy for the council.

PLBC cited the record-high inflation rate that is affecting manufacturers and retailers worldwide as the reason behind the hike.

“These increases will allow the PLCB to generate revenues needed to offset annual 8% increases in operating costs over the last four years, plus projected cost increases in the current year, related to personnel, distribution, leases, and credit card fees, among others,” said spokesman Shawn Kelly.

Read more about the increase in prices by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board at state-owned wine and liquor stores in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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