Video Game Roleplaying Help Philadelphia Eagles Players Grow Closer, Mesh Into Championship Contender

Eagles safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson
Image via The New York Times.
Eagles safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson

Bonding over a roleplay version of Grand Theft Auto V, a popular action-adventure game, has helped Philadelphia Eagles’ veterans and newcomers grow closer and better understand each other on the field, writes Kris Rhim for The New York Times.

So far this season, the Eagles have the best record in the NFL with nine wins and one loss. There are many reasons for the team’s success, including the improvement of the quarterback, Jalen Hurts, a league top-ten ranked defense, and new additions to the team who have made an impact.

Their time playing a video game has become an unexpected forum for bonding with the team’s veterans.

Following practice, weight lifting, and film study, several players – including avid gamers defensive backs Darius Slay and Avonte Maddox – are eager to spend their free time being anything but football players. The multiplayer roleplay version of Grand Theft Auto V allows them to do just that while still interacting with their teammates.

“It’s kind of like our secret sauce,” said C.J. Gardner-Johnson, a safety who joined the team a week before the regular season in a trade with the New Orleans Saints.

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