If You Searched for the Best Suburb in Pennsylvania, Where Would It Be? Hint: It’s in Delaware County


If you could pick any suburb in Pennsylvania to live in, where would you move to? Would you stay right here in Delaware County?

According to 247wallst.com, the best suburb in Pennsylvania is actually in Delaware County’s own back yard.

The publication named Swarthmore Borough, population 6,304, as the best suburb in Pennsylvania.

Swarthmore’s median household income is $109,648, more than double Philadelphia’s median of $43,744.

Home ownership is high, at 77.8 percent, with a median home value of $410,100, double the value of typical homes in the U.S. and Philadelphia. The homes are relatively big, too, with a median of 7.4 rooms, compared to a median of 5.6 rooms in Philadelphia.

Plus, the average commute is only 24 minutes.

“Income and educational attainment are strongly linked, and Swarthmore residents have among the highest educational attainment in the country,” writes Samuel Stebbins and Grant Suneson for 247wallst.com.

The borough, home to Swarthmore College, has a 77.7% degree attainment rate, compared to a 28.6% rate in Philadelphia and a31.5% rate nationwide.

24/7 Wall St.com used a weighted index of 11 measurements to identify the best suburb in each state. That includes commute time, home size, crime rates and affordability.

Click here to see the entire list and a description of how results were reached.

Editor’s Note: This post first ran Feb. 13, 2021.

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