Generation Z Wants More Work/Life Balance, and Companies are Giving it to Them

Gen Z
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Even prior to how Covid changed the workplace, Gen Z was still facing a time of major transition for jobs. They are the first generation to grow up knowing a fully digital world.

Employers may not have been ready for that, but as The New York Times explains, Covid changed a lot and flipped the balance of power.

Now Generation Z is expecting jobs that are much more accommodating to their lives. And employers are giving it to them.

The newest working generation has already demonstrated that they highly value their personal lives and don’t want to have to put that on a shelf for a job. That, combined with the aftereffects of Covid work conditions, is why now more employers are open to remote workers.

Not just workers who are living in the same city as the company either. Many jobs are now much more open to workers who are scattered around the country, or even international.

For workers who do still come into the office, they are being given additional incentives. A lot of companies are currently operating on a hybrid work schedule, allowing a mix of days on-site and working from home.

Four-day work weeks are also gaining traction.

And while at the office, there are now more flexibility in perks. Some offices are now fine with workers bringing their dogs in to be with them throughout the day.

It might sound minor and unrelated to the job, but people want to know their pets are okay and not lonely. It is a small concession that grants some extra comfort on the job.

Other looser restrictions include less rigid dress codes. Dyed hair, visible tattoos, and piercings for both men and women are all much less frowned on in the modern workplace.

It is another small change that makes for happier employees who want the freedom to show more of their personality.

Generation Z came along at the right time that leaving them holding a lot of the cards. Employers need new workers, but Gen Z have shown they are not afraid to leave a job they are not satisfied with.

This is a generation that wants creative fulfillment, time to enjoy their home life, and to see greater representation of people and ideas. Employers are having to compromise to gain new young workers, and businesses refusing to do so are seeing Gen Z feel confident enough to find what they want somewhere else.

For more on how Gen Z is altering the current workplace culture, read up on The New York Times article here.


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