The New York Times: Haverford College Couple Strives to Inspire People, Inspire Each Other

Image via iStock.

Emily and Waleed met in college, uniting in their love of inspiring change in their worlds, reports Alix Wall for The New York Times.

While enrolled in school at Haverford College in 2010, Emily Ann Frank Mayer caught the eye of Waleed Shahid, and he invited her to a party.

She didn’t go with him, but instead, they met again at school, taking the same science class. They got to know each other: Emily is from Berkeley, California and Waleed is from Lahore, Pakistan and was raised in Arlington, Virginia. They had backgrounds of Jewish and Muslim traditions, which encouraged them to know more about each other.

“Waleed is one of the most multifaceted people I’ve ever met,” Ms. Mayer said.

After studying abroad, they kept in touch and connected again as friends and in their work pursuits.

“I thought she could really teach me so much about how to do social justice education in an accessible way,” he said.

They taught each other about life and knew they wanted to marry. They united on May 14 in New York City, incorporating both Muslim and Jewish traditions.

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